Update – 2011 Wedding Dress Fashion Trends

I recently published an article on the top Wedding Dress Trends for this season. Just as fashion is constantly evolving, wedding dress designers are also keeping pace with the industry by creating stunning gowns that will appeal to today’s modern bride. Since that time I found a video that presented by The Knot that modifies the styles that I previously reported on.

The video features the top 10 wedding dress fashion trends for 2011. Notable salon owners such as Mark Ingram of Bridal Atelier and Mara Urshel of Kleinfeld’s weigh in on today’s most popular styles. As Mark describes it “…the gowns are intricately designed and crafted beautifully, even the simple ones…you have to respect that and admire what the designers do.” Here is a summary of the top styles we are sure to see Brides wearing everywhere this year:

10. Cascades of Ruffles – layers and tiers of soft fabrics and pleating create modern, romantic gowns.

9. Tea Length Dresses – these dresses are all about high style and are longer in length this year.

8. Gold Color – a regal color that will flatter many shades of skin. Choose a pale Gold for lighter skin tones and go bold with a deep shade for the darkest skin tones. Although Gold generally conjurs up thoughts of nobility, it is not necessary to have a formal wedding to wear a gown in this lovely color.

7. Black Trim – this dramatic color is being used in fresh ways as an accent on gowns. Some designers are layering lace over a portion of the Black sash/trim to add a bit of drama and soften this intense color.

6. Vintage Beading – chunky beading creates a luxurious and extravagant quality and feel to gowns. The beading tends to be clustered together to create a very dramatic effect.

5. Shimmer – these gowns glow and sparkle without a lot of heavy beading. They can be worn day to night in all types of settings and lighting.

4. Sheer Necklines – think “illusion” with a new way to do strapless. This style is especially great for Brides who can’t picture themselves wearing a strapless gown.

3. Corset Bodices – the corset style has always epitomized the ultimate in sexiness. The boning is visible in this year’s designs giving a fresh feel to this dramatic style.

2. Frothy Skirts – these gowns have hit ther peak in popularity this year. The Bride will appear as though she is floating down the aile in styles that are light, airy and comfortable to wear for hours on end.

1. Nude Color – this soft hue is considered the “new” white. Not too bold in color, the varying shades are glamorous, sexy and romantic.

While seasoned designers such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier continue to stunning wedding dresses, there also a group of very talented designers with a fresh view on fashion that are emerging as leaders in the industry. Their creativity and execution of design is reflected in their gowns with bolder choices that, up till now, were not available to Brides. Recognizing that today’s women are smart, well-educated and have a unique sense of style, the industry is rising up to meet their desires for beautiful and affordable wedding dresses.

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